Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss


Do you really want to know the secrets of being able to lose weight?


Losing weight is really easy when you know how to do it.


So if you are interested please read on…

Imagine for a moment you are now slimmer and healthier, you can now fit into all those clothes you want. You eat food that maintains your weight and you stay slim, feel it right now… Good isn’t it? Well you can have that feeling for real if you really want it.


30 thousand obese people die each year in Britain and have a higher percentage of developing cancer. Overweight children are more likely to be overweight or obese in adulthood.

Can you really afford not to have hypnosis in Birmingham from me for you to get slimmer and to avoid gastric bypass surgery?

What do you need to lose weight for?


I mean is this for confidence or low self-esteem, to help get you a new job and so on. Each of us have our agenda’s why we want to be slim, whether it is peer pressure or we see the beautiful slim models on TV and in the magazines. Why don’t we imitate their confidence or even enjoy having our picture taken? It may be that a lot of these models and actors that we look up to have many mental issues with self-image and confidence and they need the constant reassurance of their achievements.

Who are these people who need to lose this weight?


I have no idea who is reading this, so I have to generalise it as opposed to when I see a client who wants to lose weight. I can personalise their therapy for the individual and so this facilitates a positive outcome.

In my career as a hypnotherapist I have helped many people to lose weight but I have also helped those who only thought they had to lose weight. Let me explain, a very large young lady came to see me because she was four stone over weight and she had never really managed her weight issue. It was now the time in her life to start a family however this was not happening. Her doctor told her that she had to lose weight to conceive. On our first couple of sessions this fact was never brought up, she did start to lose weight but not much and this didn’t seem right. After deeper questioning I found out about her weight issue and what the doctor said. On this session we worked together covering the thoughts of her having a baby. A few weeks later she rang me to say that she no longer needed my help to lose weight as she was pregnant. Consequently she got the true outcome of what she really wanted which was not to lose weight.

Another client I saw was already slim, she thought she would be more confident being even slimmer. We worked with her confidence to apply for a job and she did get this job without having to diet. When you think about losing weight you have to consider, is this a size issue or a weight problem? These two situations are very different, however they are interlinked. A weight issue maybe to do with how heavy you are and a size problem can mean that you could be the same weight but have muscle tone. This could apply more to men than women but not exclusively.

Rehan-I was overweight

RehanI was way overweight, when I started my first session with Philip I was on 125 kg around 20 stone. In three sessions over the time period of 8 weeks I have lost 19 kg weight altogether and in stone I am now on 17 stone around 105 kg. I cannot describe how light and good I feel now. If you are really interested in loosing weight then you can’t go wrong with Philip. Just to let you know all the weight I lost was without any exercise accept some walk after my dinner. My target is 85 kg around 13 stone. If you would like to speak with me ask Philip for my number and I will be happy to talk about my experience with Philip. Jan 2013

Darren,  I was just too fat!

After i first saw Philip,he took a total different approach to diets: I work long hours and away from home, so i didn’t go to the gym or exercise – but i am happy to report i have now lost 3 stone and i have never felt so good. Cheers Philip.

Julie – With Weight Problems

Being overweight has weighed me down in mind, body and spirit. It adversely affected so many areas of my life; I became a less confident person and felt unworthy of having expectations from my life and the people around me. When I realised this is not how my life should be I reached a really low point, Ineeded to do something positive to improve my life. I’d been fighting my weight issue for so long it had become a huge effort that drained me physically mentally and emotionally.A friend told me about Philip; in desperation I called, hoping that he could help me salvage my life.  All I could see for me was a life of getting fatter and fatter, more and more unhealthy and having such minimal quality of life that there would be little joy in living.There have been few times in my life when something just clicks.  When I met Philip, I immediately felt a sense of relief that this was the right thing to do – despite my low self esteem Phil enabled me to express how I felt.  The patience and understanding I received was truly a blessing. After the first session I was filled with hope and expectation.  Certain small changes happened to my routine and daily life, I could not really say how that happened, but they validated the session, spurred me on and gave me the courage to persist. I have been so critical of myself that I have not really looked at myself properly for a long time, and that has been very hard to do.  There have been many tears, emotions and frustrations.  I have had the realisation that my life has been, and will be, continually created by me myself.  Philip has been my facilitator guiding me through my negativity on to a path that will create success for me.I am already starting to see good results, more importantly I feel more confident in my day to day life and more optimistic about the future.Philip you have provided a totally professional ser vice in a personable and friendly way. I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me.Thanks a million – you are a star! Julie  -x- 

Why do you need to see me to lose weight?


The honest truth to this question is that you don’t have to see me to lose weight. Many people lose weight everyday without my help; they have all the support of weight loss clubs and online tools to help. However, once again this can be a mine field e.g. herbal diet pills, the Atkins diet, the Cambridge diet or calorie counting and don’t forget all the rituals of weighing yourself daily…
I can only speak for myself and also the testimonials of my past clients who have constant success and got what they truly wanted. If you are really after long term results to lose weight and keep it off then you maybe one of those people who would benefit by seeing me.

Don’t need fancy therapy!


At the moment there is a lot of hype on gastric band therapy or hypno-band. The real truth of the matter is that you don’t need this sort of therapy and you don’t need special eating plans or calorie counting. Don’t be under the illusion that slim people are healthier or full of confidence because this just isn’t true. With me I won’t put you on a diet, let’s face it we all know that diets don’t work. In fact the way this works for some is that they eat more. You are probably cringing right now and wondering how the hell I can get slim by eating more. Don’t take my word for it; this is a fact that a lot of us just don’t eat enough. Athletes consume an enormous amount of food when they are in training. Don’t worry I won’t make you into an athlete unless you want to be one. You don’t even have to exercise with me to lose weight. Exercising doesn’t really work like that, even if you ran a marathon which is just over 26 miles, this could take the average person four to six hours, and you would use up about 2500 to 3000 calories. Now I know that’s a lot but it has just taken the best part of a day and you are totally exhausted. The startling fact of this is that you can put all of those calories back on in one meal. You are probably so tired and hungry that you make incorrect decisions about what to eat, plus you want to treat yourself for accomplishing a mammoth feat and you eat anything and everything. The fast food, sugary food and drinks that you consume to top up your low energy levels contain well over 4000 calories. You have possibly gained 500 calories more than you would have done if you had watched TV. With me there is no need to exercise and I have provided an example why. However, because I don’t know who is reading this you may want to exercise and that’s fine. I will tell you what exercising will give you and the positive outcome of exercise whether at home or a harder workout at the gym. I will tailor your therapy weight loss for you because there is only one of you.

When do you need to do this?


You know when you need to do this; you are not stupid in fact quite the opposite. You know how long you have been dieting for and the yo-yo affect it has had on you. You know how you feel, whether bloated, fat, ugly etc, only you know this and all its associated problems, from clothes being too tight or the health implications such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and clogged arteries and a high body mass index, which is a medical way of determining your body fat percentage. You only need to consume around 1800 to 2000 calories a day and anything over this will put fat on, e.g. two to three biscuits will turn into a stone of fat in one year. If you consume one packet of crisps everyday for a year you will eat five litres of cooking oil! Whether you need to lose a little or a lot of weight then only you know it’s probably time to pay me a visit and for you to gain control of your life before it’s too late!

Where do I need to do this?


This is done in the comfort of my home where you will be treated with the up-most care and professionalism, knowing that anything you say will be private and confidential as I pride myself on these values and to bring a beneficial outcome from our meeting. You will see my contacts below or you can just give me a call and you will soon be on your way to being slim, in control and have an abundance of confidence.

How does this work?


You have to take the first step by agreeing to see me, just as I have done in putting out this information on my website. When we meet I will take some detailed history from you with a detailed list of what you ate and drank over the last seven days. When I have a more in-depth view of what is going on in your mind I will have a better understanding of how to treat you and give you the therapy that you need. I will be using hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming or NLP as well as may other types of therapy that I have learned over the years and I will weave this into your specific therapy. Hypnosis is a deep way of relaxing, to get your mind and body to enter a deep feeling of a total relaxing state. Your brain waves go into a theta state and here we can bypass your conscious mind and implant the positive suggestions of what you need to become slim… all we have to do is change your thinking and not your body or weight. Above all my therapy is non-invasive and I can only heal or bring about a positive outcome with words, unlike a gastric band op.

So I hope I have enlightened you into how you can now become slim, healthier and have more energy. Above all have more confidence and get results that help you. I pride myself on my reputation of delivering results and knowing that I was a part of helping you achieve your goals of success.

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