Anxiety Treatment Hypnotherapy


Anxiety Treatment is Available in Birmingham and Walsall

Anxiety and Panic Attacks are symptoms that I regularly treat in my practices in Birmingham and Walsall.

What is Anxiety:

Anxiety or Panic Attacks are symptoms of the mind not being settled and so you encounter an overwhelming feeling that the body and mind cannot deal with.

How this happens:


The chemistry in the brain releases many chemicals into the blood system such as adrenalin from the kidneys, which creates a flight or fight response. However, how can the body fight imaginary forces such as thinking what is going to happen in the futureAnxiety is really the mind having to create events of the future and you letting the mind run-away with its thoughts, until they get out of control and after the anxiety you go into a panic attack

Why can I help?


Birmingham hypnotherapy for anxiety can be your first step into helping you recover from this, because when youknow how and what the causes are then you start to know how you can recover.

Cindy – Problem: Anxiety

“Well, it’s been an interesting experience to be honest. I am now starting to accept and feel more comfortable in my own skin – which is a really great feeling. Thanks for working things through with me. It was lovely to meet you and if anyone ever asks to recommend a Hypnotherapist – I’ll know exactly where to send them! All the best and thanks again.”

Tracy – Problem with deep anxiety 

Hello Philip, I just wanted to express my thanks to you. I have been far more positive about work since coming for therapy. I am gradually becoming more confident again and what is the most important thing to me is the fact that I have come home and been able to say I’ve had a good day. I have enjoyed the children and have not cried!I still have a long way to go but feel I am well on the way to becoming a happy stable wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, friend and teacher. Incidentally Christmas with my Mother and Mother-in-law passed without me getting upset even though my mum tried her hardest to aggravate me. I am learning how to put myself and family first by using your strategies of therapy. Thank you once again for helping to turn my life around.  I was on the edge of another break down but thanks to you managed to get back on track. Thank you for sharing your healing gift with me. With fond regards Tracy.

David – Anxiety with driving

‘After taking part in group and one to one therapy I thought Anxiety was something that would rule my life forever, however, after speaking to a friend who had undertaken hypnotherapy I thought it may be able to help me. I contacted Philip, after only the second session I was already doing things that would of previously made me anxious, driving on motorways, driving in rush hour traffic and even some of my OCD’s had gone. After only 5 sessions I feel as though I can carry on doing what I did before anxiety ruled my life, it has also given me inner strength in order to overcome daily challenges which would usually leave me anxious or stressed’. Thanks again phil! Regards.

So whether you live in Walsall or Birmingham and you requires hypnosis for anxiety or panic attacks or you just wish to get rid of the stress-then call me today…

You can overcome the dreadful feeling that comes with anxiety and panic attacks because I use hypnosis and other techniques such as NLP. Hypnotherapy puts you back in control and NLP is like having the hand book to your mind. It will be normal for you to naturally have plans and ideas for your future, you will realise that you will nolonger need to stress out for your future.

Walsall and Birmingham Hypnosis for Anxiety is not just anxiety or panicking or having to suffer long term stress that will eventually create illness and will have a detrimental effect on your long term health.

It’s official that Birmingham has been voted the UK’s most depressing city to live in – by none other than the Brummies themselves.

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